Imagine a world
where you knew all
your customers needs week by week, year by year.

Utopia for most, of course. But what if you did know those key moments and triggers in your costumers’ life cycles and buying journeys? That one or few pieces of data that are crucial in enabling you to target their specific pains and fulfill their needs exactly, when its relevant and top of mind for them?

Add on top, if you knew how the many new technologies of tomorrow could optimize and grow your business going forward?

Welcome to the minds of OMI

Since we were founded in 2008, we have helped our clients create a strong, engaging, targeted and personal dialogue with their target audiences and stakeholders. From out-of-market prospects to loyal customers.

Whether it’s through web, email, physical stores,
SoMe, paid media or all of the above.

To us it’s not the single touchpoint or channel that’s important. It’s the overall experience that drives your customers from realizing a potential need, to an actual purchase, and those extra things, that will keep them
loyal for years and years.

How we go about it

In the end it’s all about people. Data is crucial, especially in terms of scale and automation and pivotal in terms of timing and personalization. But it takes people to understand people. We are passionate human beings and passionate consumers as well. Combined with our years of experience of working closely with a wide range of different retailers and brands all over the globe, we have built a unique insight and knowledge about consumers and buyers, which – combined with our technology and data knowledge – has formed the foundation for the method we use.

Understanding your business from an outside in perspective is almost always the perfect starting point for optimization. Internal limitations, structures, habits and organizational silos often become blindfolds that need to be removed to secure an effective optimization process.

Our method is simple. But extremely efficient. Look at your company through the eyes of your customers.

By identifying and understanding the gaps in your current customer experience and the ideal – from your customers’ perspective that is – you will have the strongest foundation for identifying and prioritizing which optimizations, changes and new initiatives that will create the biggest impact for your business. Especially when it comes to the digital experience.

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