Media integrated creativity

OMI is an international advertising and media agency.

We are passionate creative people with a strategic mindset and vice versa. We optimise your marketing investment by creating unique media integrated customer experiences and brand relations – designed for an ever-changing digital reality.


It’s all about the people

We believe that great ideas and effective strategies always start with curiosity and passion. And we appreciate that tomorrow’s challenges cannot be met with yesterday’s solutions. It’s about being visionary, adaptive and constantly exploring new ways and new opportunities with one clear objective: To influence behaviour and sell products by making people fall in love with your brand.


Maximum performance and sales are the core of our DNA and the foundation for everything we do. That places us in the epicentre of the intersection between creativity, media and the full potential of digitalisation.

Data utilisation, marketing automation and performance tracking are all amazing tools for optimising your customers’ journeys and your profits in the “ONlife” society we live in today. Tools we both foster, use and optimise every day.


Being an interesting and relevant brand in the heart and mind of your customers is an everlasting challenge. The answer is to stay agile and know when and how to handle and utilise data. Analyse your customers’ behaviour, journeys and interactions. Track and automate where possible. Stay constantly connected in close dialogue – and keep creating communication that excites, involves and touches your audience.

In case you want
to be prepared …

Please contact us if you want to know more. Or take a look at some of our cases if you are hungry for some food for thought.


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